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Saboten (Cactus) Hinoki Cypress Wooden Evaporative Humidifier
Is it a wooden porcupine or cactus sculpture? A hand-made decorative artwork? A functional humidifier? A natural wood fragrant diffuser? All of the above except the porcupine...

Inspired by the shape of a cactus in a desert, FLaPP Design Studio's Shin Okada (1975-present) crafted this compact evaporative humidifier that adds aroma, beautiful wood, and humidity (if desired) to your room without electricity. The instrinsic natural wood lemony aroma from hinoki (Japanese cypress) stimulates your senses as water evaporates from its thin shavings of wood due to natural evaporation. This specific evaporative humidifcation design allows up to five times faster evaporation than water in a bowl. However, if you don't need humidification, just don't add water.

No artificial (synthesized) fragrance used which may trigger asthmatic attack among other nasty side-effects, the all-natural hinoki (Japanese cypress) wood's scent is very refreshing and is known to have a relaxation effect. Of course that it's most prominent when you allow evaporation to occur by pouring water into its reservoir. Natural air currents carry this scent around silently without any electricity.

Saboten humidifier is handcrafted by Masuya Koubou in Japan - one piece at a time after your order arrives. Variations between pieces should be expected. Hinoki (Japanese cypress) is valued as the highest quality wood in Japan due to its rich and straight grain, durability and high rot-resistance. This eco-humidifier can theoretically last forever if taken care of properly. Color of the heartwood is pink, the surrounding sapwood is yellowish white, the result is a calm and clean look. Despite its compact size, the overall product consists of enough material to give off this natural aroma. Cypress, just like its chopping board cousin, has antimicrobial property.

Currently, wait time is between 1 ~ 2 months after ordering due to popular demand (as expected).

  • Saboten - Dimensions: 7"w x 7"d x 3"h (17.3cm x 17.3cm x 7.8cm). Saboten may change color when being used over long period of time. This is normal. The base is painted with urethane resin and can be washed with a soft sponge. Please dry in well-ventilated area after each use.

    * Additional References:
    Home Air Quality Control Saboten :  
    DELIVERY: Made-to-order JDM item takes 1~2 months for delivery.
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