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Sharp has announced new fans with built-in ion generators for mid-May, 2012 release in Japan. These models include the Slim Ionic Fan, which is a tower type, and the 3D Ionic Fan, which features 3D motion. We urge you to watch the YouTube video below (right lower corner), you'll be sold just like that.

We'll take a look at the Slim Ionic Fan first.

The tower-style Slim Ionic Fan has a triple sensor for temperature, humidity, and sunlight. This is used to optimize the fan's automatic operation. This stylish model also has a touch sensor for control. is the first US retailer to bring to you.

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The Slim Ionic Fan is designed to be gentle on your body, even if you're in its breeze for a long time. By putting the fan at the bottom of the tower and giving the air a long route to the vent, Sharp has made this model able to send a breeze a long way, by varying the force while reducing the air speed gradually. This fan uses a DC motor, so its speed can be finely adjusted. It has 32 settings (almost infinite when it comes to a fan), from barely perceptible to very strong, and these are freely adjustable. In this model, adjustment is done with a touch sensor, so it only needs a very light touch. This model can be used as an bipolar ion generator as well as a fan. For example, if you set it to Purification Mode, you can send ions throughout the room to purify the air.

► Plasmacluster Ion Generation - Outlet of fan is well-lifted from the floor (1.2m), maximizing the effects from its Plasmacluster generation. High concentration of bipolar ions at 25,000 ions per cm3. 38 min of max fan speed operation can fill a 355 sq.ft. room with sufficient ions. Plasmacluster ions are good for sanitizing air, deodorizing, and nourishing skin & hair. Its aerodynamic wind channel and vents blow from barely-detectable gentle current to high chilling winds that you can feel from 6m away. For more Plasmacluster info, click here.

► 3D Motion - Its high adjustability allows you to direct airflow towards you during summer, as well as to direct air-cleansing ions farther throughout the whole room. Its up-down louvers swing from 20~60° vertically, plus it oscillates sideways in 3 stages: 60°/90°/120° spans.

► DC Motor - DC motor is utilized to allow fine adjustment of wind speeds, energy consumption, as well as quiet operation when necessary. Rest assured that you can use this quiet fan throughout the night. At lowest fan speed, its noise level is at 17dB, at highest; 45dB. Power consumption varies from 2.0W to 24W only.

► Triple Sensors - 3 sensors to keep monitoring your room's temperature, humidity and illumination so as to optimize its operation. For example: during A/C use, it senses and automizes wind intensity to maximize the A/C efficiency. At night when your room gets dark, it lessens wind output and darkens its display so as to give you a good night of sleep. This fan is just intelligent.

► Air Cleanser - Its air cleansing ability is just amazing. You can choose to fill your room with bipolar ions (i.e. Plasmacluster) to keep microbes & allergens in check in 1 hour. And you can use it to deodorize clothes in 2 hours too.

► Dragonfly Wing Inspired Vane Design - Vanes are designed after the wings of dragonflies to achieve smooth wind flow and reduced noise. Look at the cross-sectioned inlet, vortex is formed in the internal recessed space to cancel out noise and counterbalance outer air movement.

► Most Natural Smooth Wind - Instead of unintuitive continuous (yet choppy) wind speed and 2D direction which is energy-wasteful, adaptive wind speed and 3D directional movement, as made possible by its DC motor and smart engineering, saves on energy consumption by as much as 33% (16W vs. 24W in continuous mode). This fan saves you money on electricity from day one.

► Fancy Touch Sensor Control - A state-of-the-art touch sensitive control is placed on top so that you can easily adjust its 32 wind speeds among other settings. And it's perfectly normal to have the urge to show this advanced technology off to your friends, of course.

► 'Bladeless' Design is Safe for Children - For families with small children and pets, the Slim Ionic Fan's enclosed blades is a Godsend. Unlike conventional fans with many hard-to-access hidden parts that cannot be cleaned easily, taking Slim Ionic Fan apart for cleaning (even the inside wind channels) is a breeze.

  • Sharp Slim Ionic Fan - DC motor, 2~24W@50/60Hz, 32 steps wind speed & energy consumption level, 1h/2h/4h/6h timer, top-to-bottom automatic swing: 20~60°, left-right automatic swing: 60°/90°/120°, Plasmacluster ion cleansing room size: 426 sq.ft., dimensions: 240x240x870 mm, weight: 4.0kg, touch sensor button, built-in memory triple sensor, fan only & fan+ion modes, includes: AC adaptor, remote control, cleaning brush. The Plasmacluster Generator lasts for 2 years or 19,000 hours.

    We'll now take a look at the 3D Ionic Fan.

    ( Click on above to enlarge )

    The 3D Ionic Fan can move through 90 degrees left to right, 10 degrees downward, and 90 degrees upward, so it can circulate air containing ions through a large space. This model provides a very compact means of sending a strongly directed breeze a long way. It can also be used together with an air-conditioner as a efficient-enhancing circulating fan, or with your heater as an heat-circulating fan. Sharp has given the vanes a special shape, like the wings of an albatross, which can fly a very long way. These vanes are narrow and very pointed. So, although this fan is only 18 cm across, it can send a breeze for ten meters. Its Plasmacluster output is rated at 7,000 ions per 1cm3. This makes it a good air cleansing and deodorizing fan.

    ► Albatross-inspired Vane Design - Albatross' sharp, thin, blade-like wing shape is God's creation to enable it to glide in the sky with minimal air resistance. Sharp 3D Fan's vanes are designed likewise, allowing it to send wind up to 10m straight ahead. This is what makes it such a great circulating, powerful fan.

    ► 3D Movement - With its automated 3D swing control, this fan is perfect to be used with A/C and heater. From gently mixing air during winter without creating chilling draft, to a full-blown chilling effect during summer, this is a fan that once you own it, you can't settle for anything less. It tilts up and down from 10~90°, and oscillates sideways from 0~90°. This is truly 3D movement.

    ► DC Motor - DC motor finely adjust wind speeds and energy consumption accordingly. It noise output is from 17~42dB, so you can use it at night with peace. Its energy consumption goes from 1.8~14W, saving you hundreds in electricity bill annually.

    ► Most Natural Smooth Wind - Instead of unintuitive continuous (yet choppy) wind speed and 2D direction which is energy-wasteful, adaptive wind speed and 3D directional movement, as made possible by its DC motor and smart engineering, saves on energy consumption by as much as 14% (12W vs. 14W in continuous mode). This fan saves you money on electricity from day one.

    ► 8-Stage Wind Settings - With the help of its unique DC motor, you can adjust wind speeds from gentle to powerful. Use it as a mixing fan or a full-blast circulating drying fan.

    ► Most Practical Fan - A small form factor with powerful output, this is one practical fan that you can use throughout your house.

  • Sharp 3D Ionic Fan - DC motor, 1.8~14W@50/60Hz, 8 steps wind speed & energy consumption level, 1h/2h/4h/6h timer, top-to-bottom automatic swing: 10~90°, left-right automatic swing: 90°, range: 7m, dimensions: 260x260x510~630 mm, weight: 2.4kg, touch sensor button, built-in memory function, includes: AC adaptor, remote control, cleaning brush.

    Extra bonus: Dryer Fan w/ Plasmacluster 7000! While the above Slim Ionic Fan & 3D Ionic Fan are both for broad space use, think of the following Air Dryer as a location-specific, concentrated wind dryer with powerful Plasmacluster deodorizing benefits.

  • Sharp Air Dryer DI-AD1S-W - This Plamacluster 7000 air dryer can be used all year round. It utilizes a wind-concentrating outlet to target these deodorizing ions to precisely where they're needed most, like inside a closet blasting towards your rack of clothes, inside your shoes cabinet for even tall boots, bedding like futon & mattress, etc. Cold air for summer and hot air (via its ceramic heating elements) for winter. Power consumption: 510W. Comes with anti-mold and 99% effective antibacterial filter. Click on thumbnail to read its translated product page.

    NOTE: Sharp Plasmacluster technology is very unique, instead of generating unipolar (e.g. negative) ions, it generates bipolar ions for much more air-cleansing effect. We'll elaborate more on this technology soon but you may read about this via the below 'pen' icons. All fans here use 100V power, to use them in the US, you'll need these 100 ↔ 120V transformers which are sold separately.

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