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NOTE: The following test results were conducted by various test labs for Sharp Japan. All claims are made by and posted on Sharp Japan websites, we merely provide the direct translation here for you, these are not our claims. A lot of environmental factors can affect the results, like temperature, humidity, wind flow, ion concentration, etc. Also, Sharp Japan does NOT imply any of their products as anti-infectious and/or medical devices. They're not intended for nor capable of creating a 100%-sterile environment. All instructions are in Japanese and power converters (not adapters) are required to use these in the US.

► Plasmacluster Ion Generation Synopsis - Winner of 2008 Japan Invention Awards - Air Purifying Category. Over 30 million devices with this technology has been sold thus far globally as of Dec 2010. Officially endorsed and used by 8 car companies, 7 public facilities, and 12 OE equipment manufacturers. Plasmacluster technology is all about bipolar (i.e. positive AND negative ion) air (in opposing to water) ion generation. It has been proven by many Japanese institutes to be effective in controlling dust mite related allergens, odor, static electricity that attracts dust, mold fungus (airborne & attached), fungus (floating), bacteria, viruses (airborne & attached). These bipolar air ions are the exact same types that occured in our natural environment albeit in less amount, of course. When used as directed and with each device's capacity guidelines followed, these devices do not irritate your skin, eyes, or lungs. To get a better glimpse of this innovative ion generating technology before proceeding, read what the developer has to say here. Also click on this icon to view a .gif animation. And this one to view a chart of what Plasmacluster ions can help to control.

► Airborne Mite Allergen Control - Normally speaking and without Plasmacluster ions, airborne mite allergens keep accumulating in density at a rate of 2 folds over 4 weeks. In this tested 40m3 space, Plasmacluster concentration of 3,000 bipolar ions / cm3 suppressed mite allergens (feces, carcasses, etc.) and reduced their allergenic effects by removing the crucial H ions from their surfaces. The air space was cleansed. Click on this icon to view a .gif animation.

► Airborne Pathogen Reduction - Airborne pathogens measured here included mold, fungus and bacteria, which normally diminish in density in this controlled space by only 10% over 195 minutes. A Plasmacluster concentration of 3,000 bipolar ions / cm3 reduced this pathogen concentration from 100% down to 1% over the same time frame. This is how effective the cell membrane slicing effect by Plasmacluster bipolar ions is. The air space was sanitized.

► Attached Mold Fungus Reduction - Even attached mold fungus that is grown on petri dish gets attacked and reduced by Plasmacluster ions. Right image shows how natural proliferation increased mold fungus density from 0 to between 50~100% over 5 days. But with a dose of Plasmacluster at 25,000 ions / cm3, mold fungus was reduced to 0~25% after the same 5 days. This was due to the ions' vicious attack on the bacteria that adhered to the mold fungus.

► Airborne Anti-bacterial Effect - In a 40m3 space and over 38 minutes, a Plasmacluster dose at 4,700 ions/cm3 reduced about 99% of airborne bacteria. This was due to the ions' effective removal of protein from the bacteria membrane, inhibiting them permanently. Click on this icon to view a .gif animation.

► Airborne Anti-viral Effect - In a sealed container of 1m3 space and over 10 minutes, a Plasmacluster dose at 7,000 ions/cm3 reduced about 99% of airborne virus. A 99.9% reduction was achieved when the Plasmacluster dose was being increaed to 50,000 ions/cm3 over 10 minutes. The powerful bipolar ions' OH radicals pulled hydrogen molecules from the spike-like structures of the viruses and reduced their efficacy just like that. Click on this icon to view a .gif animation.

► Deodorization & Fabric Refreshment - Plasmacluster ions decompose and deodorize ingrained smell (tobacco, pet odor, sweat, etc.) effectively. In case one (see graph), while normal dissipation of odor took about 4 hours to decrease from level 4 down to 2, a Plasmacluster dose of 20,000 ions/cm3 expedited that in a mere 60 minutes. And level 2 is where odor is no longer detectable to the human nose. In case two (not shown), a blazer with stinky sweat smell was being deodorized by a Plasmacluster dosage of 250,000 ions/cm3, smell was no longer detectable after 4 hours.

► Static Electricity Reduction - Pollen and house dust adhere readily to curtains and clothes via static electricity. Inside a sealed 1m3 container, the enclosed acrylic plate's surface static electricity had been shown to drop from 4.0kV down to 1.0kV in 75 minutes with a Plasmacluster dose of 25,000 ions/cm3. Particulate waste just had nowhere to cling onto anymore.

► Skin Moisturizing Mechanism - The whole skin moisturizing concept via Plasmacluster ions is that charged ions attract H2O molecules to surround them, this moisture-rich cluster coats your skin while penetrating deep inside the stratum corneum for a long-lasting moisturizing effect.
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► Skin Moisture Level - This was conducted in a 214 sq.ft. room with 13 participants whose ages ranged from 20~60. Room temperature: 28°, relative humidity: 40%. Lower curve shows participants' skin moisture level from 0~80 min in a non-treated room. Upper curve shows the same participants' skin moisture level in a room treated with a Plasmacluster dose of 25,000 ions/cm3. As you can see, the latter group's skin moisture level was maintained high and even after the Plasmacluster device had been shut off at the 60th minute! All these without altering the room humidity level.

► Skin Elasticity Level - This was conducted in rooms which size ranged from 214~285 sq.ft. with 24 participants whose ages ranged from 30~65. They agreed to use Plasmacluster devices during bedtime for 28 straight days, then had their cheek skin tested for elasticity (i.e. upper curve). As you can see, when compared to the controlled 28 nights with no device in use, Plasmacluster ions, at the dose of 25,000 ions/cm3, clearly enhanced their skin elasticity (as measured via their cheeks).

► 30x Magnified Wrinkle Condition - The above 24 participants' cheek skin's wrinkle conditions were examined before and after Plasmacluster ions treatment under 30x magnified microscopes. Left image shows without ions while the right image shows with ions. The difference was quite convincing.

   Plasmacluster Ion Generation + Humidifier - 2 of our bipolar ion generators have integrated humidifing capability as well. Just look for the blue 'droplet' symbol. So what happens when we give these ions a helping hand in such close proximity to their origin? The answer: 1.8x more water molecules cluster around these ions, rendering them longer-lasting and increasing their moisturizing ability, as they're now 'wetter' than ever. And wetter ions also travel farther as water molecules protect them from bumping into other gases like oxygen, nitrogen, etc.

► Hair Moisturizing Mechanism - Hair shaft is hydrophobic by nature which means water doesn't retain on the shaft but instead keeps evaporating until hair shaft is dry and even brittle in most cases. Plasmacluster ions are wetting agents as they are surrounded by water molecules, these charged clusters adhere to hair shaft, as well as each other readily, forming this moisturizing coating that locks down on the hair well and stays moisturized long - all microscopically-speaking of course or else you'll be walking around with liquid-dripping hair all day long!

► Hair Moisture Retainability - This test was conducted under 20°C temperature and about 50% humidity. After 8 hours of Plasmacluster ion dosage at 100,000/cm3, a 20% increase in hair shaft moisture level could be detected. This led to better hair texture and condition. If your hair is bleached and/or dyed, it needs Plasmcluster ions extra much. NOTE: measuring device was setup such that its reading wasn't influenced by the ions.

► Hair Cuticle Tightening - The above participants' hair shaft was examined under 28x electron microscope to determine cuticle condition. Not just less flakes were observed on the treated cuticle surface, but it was also more tightened - an indicative of better hair health.

► Static Electricity Reduction - This test was conducted under 22°C temperature and about 30% humidity. After 15 minutes of Plasmacluster ion dosage at 100,000/cm3, a 80% decrease in hair shaft static electricity level (kV) was measured. Starting level of 10kV in both groups was initially achieved via combing. Less 'electrified' hair equates to more manageable hair. It also attracts less environmental pollutants.

► Deodorizing and Allergen-Suppression - Plasmacluster ions enhance your sleep quality via 3 ways:
  1. Deodorizing via decomposition of mold odor, sweat odor, body odor, odor from microbe remnants, etc. - a 100,000/cm3 dose renders these odors undetectable in a mere 60 min. treatment.
  2. Plasmacluster ions also inhibit airborne allergens activities by as much as 68% in a mere 1.5 minutes - these allergens include but are not limited to: mite feces, mite carcasses.
  3. Position the outlet of your Plasmacluster generator outlet about 70cm from your mattress for maximum antimicrobial control - this way, even allergens that adhere to your mattress are targeted.

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