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 ĩ = sticks compatible
= cones compatible

A 2-in-1 Modern Upright Incense Burner
Introducing the world's best upright incense burner. It burns both incense sticks and cones in a beautiful, aluminum, vertical chimney design. Stick is burned upside down as it attaches to the lid, while cones can be rested on its base to burn in a normal fashrion. NOTE: Don't burn both simultaneously, burn one type at a time as always. This design confines ashes well.

Smokey Tube stands 28cm (11") tall and with a footprint of 6cm (2-3/8") in diameter. 2 types of vent are available: lines or holes. 3 color designs: Matte Black, Matte Silver, Glossy White. White is most prone to smoke residue so clean it off after each use.

  • Smokey Tube - Dimensions: 28cm (11") height x 6cm (2-3/8") diameter. Weight: 180g. Aluminum. Designed and imported from Japan.


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