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REJUV for gums
Gums never had it so good.
Compact Gumbrush
Super-soft to massage & protect gums
REJUV™ for gums is perhaps the most powerful nourishing formula for gums available anywhere. A time-tested remedy of 24 plants and herbs used for healing and strengthening the gums, it is recommended for oral conditions like receding gums, dry mouth, oral pain and bleeding gums. Some people have even said that it helped tighten loose teeth. REJUV™ can be used for all gingival conditions.

REJUV™ for gums is the ONLY 100% herbal oral pain reliever and gum conditioner. Some of its plants and botanicals - like cassia and ficus bengalensis - have an astringent quality, said to be most useful for healing gum tissue. And research indicates that the sesame oil base (which soothes and nourishes and helps the herbs revitalize the gums) has antimicrobial affects on subgingival plaque. In doing its healing, REJUV™ for gums also removes bacteria from the oral cavity, leaving the mouth fresh and revitalized.

Made without chemical ingredients or alcohol, it allows nature’s full intelligence to help heal your gums and keep your mouth as healthy as ever.

This is the first gum brush designed for gentle gum massage. Ordinary toothbrush bristles are made for removing plaque from teeth and not for massaging gums. In fact, brushing with a toothbrush is considered the main cause of gum trauma and receding gums!’s compact gumbrush features a specialized, super-soft head with numerous, resilient silicone “fingers” (not toothbrush bristles) to pamper yet stimulate gums. Due to its 360 degree design, only the soft head will touch the gums, so it massages yet protects gums. For best results use with REJUV™ for gums herbal gum treatment. The short bristles of the gumbrush are designed to capture and easily apply REJUV™ for gums.

• The first gum brush designed for sensitive and receding gums.

• Use to massage gums and apply REJUV™ for gums massage oil.

• Comes with protective case

• Keep out of reach of children

Dentists recommend gentle gum massage to stimulate gums and help keep them healthy.

  • For best results apply REJUV™ for gums with’s compact gumbrush, designed for sensitive and receding gums.

  • (Did you know that among Americans aged 35 to 44, 48 percent have gingivitis - or inflammation of the gums - and 22 percent have destructive gum disease? Older people have even more gum problems! ref: Surgeon General’s Report: Oral Health 2000)

  • FAQ > REJUV for gums:

    > Why do I need an Oral Pain Reliever?
    According to the Surgeon General’,s Report on Oral Health, most adults have gum disease (even though they may not know it), and many have lost some teeth. REJUV™, for gums is the first all-natural oral pain reliever and gum conditioner and anyone can use it to promote healthy gums. It nourishes and supports healthy gums, helps condition receding gums and at the same time offers natural relief from sore and bleeding gums.

    > How is REJUV™, for gums different from a mouthwash or rinse?
    REJUV™, for gums is unique in that it’,s a therapeutic oil and not a water-based solution. Being an herbalized oil it’,s able to moisturize the mouth and help with dry mouth conditions, bind the volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) that give rise to bad breath, and its herbs help nourish and revitalize gum tissue.

    > What are the ingredients in REJUV™, for gums?
    REJUV™, for gums is not a combination of essential oils. Its preparation is an exacting and specialized technology from Ayurveda, the ancient Indian Science of Health, whereby more than 20 complete herbs are processed –, and not simply extracts or essential oils.

    Using the whole leaf or herb provides an efficacious, nourishing, and balanced medicinal oil with all the traditional healing properties of the herbs themselves, such as: astringent herbs to enhance cellular secretions, sweet and tonic herbs to nourish and strengthen the tissues. The oil acts as a carrier for the rejuvenating or strengthening effect of the herbs and is absorbed by oral tissue. REJUV™, for gums contains no alcohol, sugars or artificial preservatives.

    ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Menthol 0.05%. OTHER INGREDIENTS: Sesame oil, acacia arabica, banyan tree, ficus religiosa, lodh tree, wild Himalayan cherry, acacia catechu, emblic myrobalan, Indian madder, eagle wood, gmelina arborea, long-leaved pine, nutgrass, stone flowers, sandalwood, woodfordia fruticosa, Indian gall-nut, spikenard, turmeric, deodar, cardamom, meriandra bengalensis, cinnamon, lotus seed, licorice, clove, camphor.

    > How do you use it?
    REJUV™, for gums is easy to use and comes in a glass bottle with a Euro dropper. Any of the following methods may be used:

    1. Place a few drops on's Compact Gumbrush and brush gums gently for 30 –, 45 seconds. This allows oil to be absorbed by the gum tissue and has the added benefit of stimulating circulation.

    2. Swish 8 –, 10 drops in mouth for 30 –, 45 seconds.

    3. Use a clean finger (or cover finger with disposable protector) and massage gums gently with a few drops of oil.

    > Should I use it more than twice a day?
    For best results use 3 or 4 times daily after eating and before bed. People who use it overnight report that they have less dry mouth and less "morning breath". Using it after eating not only helps remove sugars and food debris but also gives the therapeutic properties of the oil more time to work.

    > Will it help with conditions like receding or bleeding gums?
    Many people have called or written to us about their good results using REJUV™, for gums to improve receding gums and bleeding gums. This formulation with 20 remarkable herbs has excellent conditioning and revitalizing effects, and offers great therapeutic possibilities for those with gum problems. It is perhaps one of the most powerful rejuvenating formulas available for gums. In addition,'s Compact Gumbrush is the first gum massage brush designed for receding and sensitive gums.

    You may also want to minimize factors that may contribute to receding gums, including nutritional considerations and gum trauma from “,overbrushing”,. The effects of prescription medications, which often cause dryness and other oral problems, must also be considered.

    In addition, the bite (occlusion) is very important, and if there is improper occlusion i.e. the teeth of the upper and lower jaws do not align and contact correctly, this can add stress to certain teeth and adversely affect the gums in those areas.

    > Can I use REJUV for more than 7 days?
    REJUV for gums is the first all-natural oral pain reliever and gum conditioner and now contains a very small amount ( 0.05%, or 1/20th of 1 percent) of natural menthol, from mint.

    The FDA considers menthol to be a pain reliever and requires cautionary wording on the label, even at that small of a percentage. So this is why we print the following required wording on the box: “,Do not use for more than 7 days unless directed by a dentist or doctor.”, Even menthol cough drops require similar wording. Interestingly, a small roll of 10 menthol cough drops has more than 3 times as much menthol as a WHOLE BOTTLE of REJUV. So as you can see the amount per dose of REJUV is very small.

    Our experience is that most dentists and doctors would not have a problem with the product being used for longer than 7 days, and many people enjoy using it daily.

    > What causes loose teeth?
    Having loose teeth is obviously a sign that something is wrong - teeth are not supposed to move!

    The problem could be with the gums, the bone supporting the teeth or the fibrous attachment between bone and teeth. Consult with your dentist about your specific problem.

    Regardless of the cause, these teeth must be treated to prevent further problems. If not, the continued movement can accelerate the damage to the supporting bone. If your gums are swollen and bleed easily, you could have an early form of gum disease such as pyorrhea. As it worsens you might lose some teeth. So if you want to keep your teeth, you must take care of your gums - gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss and 75 percent of Americans over 35 have some form of gum disease!

    Gum problems and gum disease are likely the result of plaque buildup. Plaque consists of harmful bacteria which, if not removed, builds up on the teeth and ultimately irritates the gums and causes bleeding. Left unchecked, bone and connective tissue are destroyed, and teeth often become loose and may have to be removed.

    So preventing plaque buildup (good toothbrushing and flossing) and conditioning the gums helps maintain good oral health and keeps teeth and gums strong. Some of the ingredients in REJUV have been used traditionally for tightening the teeth. Astringent herbs like eaglewood and ficus bengalensis contained in REJUV™, - are said to be particularly effective.

    We believe that REJUV™, is the most powerful formula available for strengthening gums and helping tighten loose teeth.

    * Additional References:
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