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Rolly, much more than a toothbrush - Rolly is the perfect chewable toothbrush that always leaves teeth clean and leaves fresh breath. You owe it to yourself, your date, your interviewer, and all human race an odorless breath and debris-free dentition.

Rolly is the only disposable toothbrush which is so practical and discreet that you can use it everywhere and whenever you want to, and which gives you freshness and unparalleled oral hygiene. It is not designed to substitute the toothbrush but when you're not home or when you have no accessibility to a toothbrush, Rolly assures you a good oral hygiene.

Use Rolly after lunch and roll it between the teeth with your tongue. The mechanical action of bristles will remove traces of food from your teeth, also in those hidden areas that cannot be reached easily. Fluoride & Xylitol will leave your mouth clean and the mint taste will freshen your breath.


  • Thanks to its 276 mini bristles Rolly works on your teeth with a mechanical action like your toothbrush.
  • Bristes are of different length and this allows a perfect removal of dental plaque and a good cleanup of the tongue.
  • The non-toxic and soft polyammide that it is made of, was made for massaging your gums and tongue without irritating them.
  • Xylitol reduces dental plaque, helps avoiding teeth cavities and reduces the presence of streptococcus mutans.
  • Fluorite makes teeth stronger, reducing the demineralization of the enamel glaze.
Scientific Researches on Efficacy & Safety:
  • Efficacy: New York University College of Dentistry Bluestone Center of Clinical Research (U.S.A.) carried out studies on the efficacy of Rolly against dental plaque. Conclusions 1: "Rolly comes to be the best way to destroy dental plaque, just after the toothbrush and toothpaste. Approval among consumers is high, very similar to those of chewing-gum. The sensation of freshness and cleanliness is the same that can be obtained through the use of toothbrush and toothpaste."
    The efficacy of Rolly against plaque was demonstrated by analysing the effects produced in different points of the mouth. Conclusion 2: "Rolly pointed out a bigger power in destroying plaque than chewing-gum, in all the dental surfaces analysed"

  • Safety: Studies were carried out on the potential possibility of swallowing Rolly and its transit in stomach and intestine, through a simulation in a dinamic model. (TIM System) Results: The product did not release any trace or lose any part during the transit in he mouth, stomach and intestine. Researches were carried out to verify the suitability of the product with the mouth. Results: the products followed the EC laws concerning food contact material. (EU2002/72/EC)

NOTE: Despite being a safe product, the maker recommends that it is not to be used by children under 7.

  • Rolly Brush - Each pack contains 6 Rolly Brushes. We're selling these in multiple packs. Instructions in Japanese. Made in Italy.

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