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Toothbrushes harbor a host of harmful bacteria that can re-infect your mouth when you brush. Our Snap-On Sanitizer is a revolutionary product that releases all-natural, anti-bacterial vapors to kill germs and safely sanitize your toothbrush between brushings.

  • No mess, no fuss, dry vapor action
  • Fits most manual and power brushes
  • No electricity or batteries required
  • Ideal and convenient for home and travel
  • 60 days protection per sanitizer
  • FDA registered. 100% natural disinfectant: contains one or more of the followings: lemon oil, clove oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, thyme oil.
  • Assorted colors/aromas (We’ll select for you.)
  • Easy to use: After brushing your teeth, rinse toothbrush, shake off excess water and place inside the sanitizer device. The germ defense system goes to work immediately.
  • Reusable with your own blend of antibacterial essential oil - this is not a statement made by the maker, this is a sensible, ethical & ecological practice that we suggest after using the actual product ourselves. Thus, we're making this product aromatherapy-compatible & more ecological.

> How long does the Toothbrush Sanitizer last?
Each pod lasts for 60 days so a twin-pack is good for 4 months of continuous use. As each pod is sealed, opening one will not affect the effectiveness of the second pod.

> Does it really work?
Yes, it really works and that is why we have patents pending for this unique and easy-to-use product. FDA-approved ingredients neutralize germs between brushings, keeping your toothbrush hygienic and fresh. As you know, certain natural essential oils have been clinically proven ? in many different studies ? to effectively kill germs and bacteria. Our own clinicals show that over 98% of germs die after the recommended exposure.

> What are the ingredients?
Each pod contains one or more of the following ingredients: Cinnamon oil, clove oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, thyme oil

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(#DTPF)  Toothbrush Sanitizer - 2x 2-pk = 4 individual sanitizers, assorted colors

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