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Always use manual toothbrushes whenever you can. The tactile feedback prohibits you from over-abrading your teeth/roots; which is the primary cause for sensitive teeth/gums. Electric toothbrush minimizes this feedback and is guilty for enamel erosion and excessive abrasion. But for people with braces and/or with dexterity issues, electric toothbrush is beneficial. Moreover, certain stubborn plaque can be removed easier with electric toothbrush so eletric toothbrush does have its place in daily oral care.

This universal adapter converts your favorite manual toothbrush into an ultrasonic power one. It pulses and oscillates in 2 axis (vertical & horizontal) at a sonic speed of 15,000 pulses per minute. Its generated wavelengths are between 16 & 20,000Hz within which the 200~300Hz is most effective in blasting plaque and stains away. This vibration is also great for massaging gums.

Sonic All is not just for toothbrushes, try it with your tongue brush, interdental brush and/or even flossing tools and see what a supercharged version of your usual dental tools can do. It's universally compatible with most dental brushes out there. Waterproved up to the Japanese "JIS IPX5" standards, uses one AA battery and securely tigthens over your favorite toothbrush. Each battery lasts for approximate 2 months with a 4-min. daily usage. Dimensions: 47 x 33 x 155mm (2 x 1.3 x 6.1") and weighs 81g (without battery). Fits toothbrush girth size between 6~16mm.

  • Sonic All - A compact head design with 4 curved columns of ultra fine bristles with normal firmess that reach between teeth and gum well. And very easy on gums. Dimensions: 34 x 25 x 235mm, 30g. Available in 4 transparent colors. Click on image to see head/bristle design.

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    DELIVERY: JDM items take 2~4 weeks for delivery.
    Related Product: Sonic All adapter works with the new Ion Power Kiss You or any toothbrush.

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