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Tongue Cleaning is the BEST remedy for bad breath, and this is the #1 selling tongue cleaner!

Why? Because like good silverware its made of STAINLESS STEEL and our curved cleaning edge removes bacteria and soft plaque in seconds! Cleaning your tongue is comfortable, quick and effective with’s. GUARANTEED!

Modern research confirms that tongue cleaning is the best way to remove bacteria that cause bad breath. Tongue cleansing also helps improve taste, remove the coating on the tongue and slow the growth of plaque.

We use stainless steel because it is impervious to bacteria, is more comfortable and gentle on the tongue than plastic. This is why people prefer eating with silverware than with plasticware.

• Precurved shape gives precise control
• Great oral benefits for a small price

Used and recommended by dentists and hygienists,’s cleaner is the leading tongue cleaner in the health market and is sold in health stores and dental offices around the country.

FAQ > Tongue cleaning and halitosis

> What is the best way to clean my tongue?
Although some people brush their tongue with a toothbrush, most dentists and hygienists agree that a tongue cleaner (tongue scraper) is a far better tool. Also, research shows that toothbrushes are less than half as effective in removing bio-burden from the tongue. Toothbrushes are designed for cleaning teeth. Tongue cleaners are designed to clean tongues, which are very different to teeth! A tongue cleaner such as our U-shaped cleaner is designed to gently “,scrape”, off the unwanted bacteria and soft plaque, even from the back of the tongue where most “,bad breath”, bacteria is found. Tongue scraping removes far more bacteria than tongue brushing.

Toothbrushes tend to "grip" the tongue causing gagging, while the tongue cleaner slides along the tongue. So it’,s more comfortable and more efficient. In fact it’,s interesting to note that many cultures have been routinely cleaning their tongues for centuries, and they don’,t use brushes for this! They use a similar u-shape cleaner, which can reach the back of the tongue.

> How often should you clean your tongue?
Twice a day is usually sufficient. Most people do it upon waking and before going to bed, which helps prevent morning breath. Some people also like to clean their tongue after each meal. It only takes 10 or 15 seconds each time.

> Does tongue cleaning have benefits in addition to keeping the breath fresh?
Research shows that tongue cleaning can help prevent plaque buildup on the teeth, remove the coating on the tongue and improve our taste perception (because the coating on the tongue dulls the taste receptors). It’,s good for general oral health.

> Should only people with bad breath consider tongue cleaning?
We recommend tongue cleaning for everyone, including children. It makes good oral hygiene sense. Not only modern research, but also ancient oriental health sciences recommend it as part as the daily routine.

> How soon can I expect results?
It depends on the individual condition, but the results can be instant. Certainly much of the coating gets removed immediately. It’,s like washing the body. A clean body or clean tongue doesn’t smell bad.

> Do many people clean their tongues in this way?
The truth is that millions of people know about it.

Its common practice in many Asian and older cultures. Tongue cleaning was also practiced by ancient Romans and by the wealthier classes in 18th and 19th century Europe. However, for some unknown reasons, the practice did not spread widely in the West.

But now, with more research verifying its benefits, and with TV and other publicity, a growing number of dentists and hygienists are recommending it. We believe that soon it will be as common here as flossing.

> Do you recommend plastic or stainless steel tongue cleaners?
Stainless steel doesn’,t wear out and is impervious to bacteria.

There seem to be 2 basic kinds of tongue cleaners available –, our U-shaped stainless steel cleaner (can be used with 1 or 2 hands) or one-handed cleaners which are usually T-shaped or have rounded heads.

We believe the U-shaped design is best as it can easily clean the back of the tongue, where most bacteria reside. Using 2 hands give precise control over the pressure and position of the cleaner. This seemingly simple design has evolved over centuries and gives precise control over the position and pressure of the cleaner on the tongue, making it easy to use and overcoming the gagging problem caused by too much pressure on the tongue (as when trying to clean it with a toothbrush or some other one-handed cleaners).

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