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- mechanical, non-aerosol - nozzle lock feature
- instant foam - looks richer, feels milder
- precise dosage - easy-to use
- better spread of effective ingredients - no chemical propellants

Airspray Pump Foamers create foam without the use of gas propellants. Their unique, patented, sophisticated technology allow for the precise mixing of liquid and air, resulting in a dose of high quality foam with each single stroke.

Consumers appreciate the gentleness of the rich, luxurious, soothing & soft foam. These bath & shower products require special features from the foam dispenser.

The foaming hand soap, which the Airspray Table Top Foamer creates, was hailed by one of the early users as ‘the greatest innovation in the soap market since the advent of liquid soap’.

User- & environmentally-friendly:

  • Saves Time - Instant foam eliminates lathering time and water. Foamed products eats out dirt & rinse out faster.
  • Saves Money - Diluting with water (1 part liquid soap + 3 parts water) makes better lather and saves product cost by a few folds. Stops waste substantially. Egested foam contains only ±1/8th of the volumn of full-strength non-diluted liquid soap, with no compromising in degreasing power! Airspray foaming bottles can be refilled & reused over & over again. The manufacturer has tested the bottle/pump design and concluded an approximate lifespan of at least 12,000 pumps per unit.
  • Cleans Better - Cleans quickly, rinses cleanly, resists clogging & eliminates residue.
  • Double-use as Shaving Foam - There is virtually no difference between using Airspray-produced liquid foam and other shaving cream for shaving except that with Airspray, you don't even need to pre-wet your face. Don't you just love having less bottles on your sink counter?
  • Extra aromatic - every pump yields aerosols trapped in an envelope of air + liquid mixture. Your bathroom will be filled with natural scent way stronger and faster than usual.
  • Best to be used with 100% natural essential oil infused liquid soap too as each pump will infuse the incoming air w/ essential oil + soap mix. You can enjoy the benefits of essential oil both by direct contact & via inhaling.
  • To Begin - Unscrew the top (pump) but don't lose the small clear O-shaped gasket (if applicable)! It usually goes inside the threaded portion of the pump. Certain design has integrated (non-detachable) gasket.
  • Dilute - Products must be diluted with water. Fill ¼ bottle with liquid soap or detergent and add just enough water so that you can invert & mix (don't shake) the mixture into a homogenous state. Continue to add water until 1" below bottle neck. Invert well again to blend. Experiment with the dilution. You can make the type of lather that you like best; thick & creamy, watery, etc.
  • Do Not Overfill - Leave at least 1" headspace at top of bottle. Overfilling does not permit proper foaming & may harm mechanism.
  1. Do not use shampoos, gels or liquids with thickeners in bottle. Only use liquid soaps: body washes, hand soaps, dishwashing soaps.
  2. Do not use soaps containing sodium hydroxide or any beads, gels, micas or solid objects suspended in the soap. The pump mechanism will block and over time not function. Inside the Airspray is a lil' mesh screen that mixes the diluted soap with air to produce the foam, the holes are microscopic (79 microns) and can easily get clogged.
  3. If the screen is clogged, empty the container, clean the screen & flush with water. Use a different diluted 'water-thin' liquid soap with zero particles in it.
  4. If using a foaming soap refill do not dilute with water in the bottle.
  5. In case of reduced foam, remove pump & soak in warm water to soften soap build-up.
  6. Completely empty bottle before refilling to maintain correct soap to water ratio.
  7. If liquid gets inside the air chamber, turn pump upside down & pump a few times which should get the water out of the chamber. Do not attempt to disassemble pump.
  8. If liquid soap gets inside the air chamber for an extended period of time, it may degrade the silicone in the pump and makes it not 'spring' back up. You may continue to use the pump by manually lifting it up after every press.
  9. Airspray pumps are not designed to be used under running water. Use in the shower is not recommended and the bottles should not be placed or washed under running water.
  • Airspray Foamer Pump (white) + Cap.
  • Clear, PET, tapered oval bottle (40M neck).
  • Vol: 250mL (8.3 fl.oz.). Dim: 4.5" H


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