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The original Vitamin C Shower Filter has just gotten better in 2012 and no other lookalike brands even come close to its unique and advanced features. This is the ultimate best Vitamin C Shower Filter in the world, period. We have to go through quite tedious & troublesome process to import from Japan for you. But it's all worth it as we are confident that you'll be impressed with its built & health benefits.

NOTE: Not all features listed below are available for all models. Refer to the table for exact features per model.

Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant found in fruits & vegetables, naturally & safely neutralizes harmful chlorine thus showering in Vitamin C-rich water (i.e. weak acidic) restores the original luster of your skin & hair. Chlorine-induced damage on your body (either via direct contact or via inhalation) is minimized & calcified soap scum (+ hard mineral-rich water) inside your shower enclosure is descaled. You bring health to yourself & cleaniness to your shower at the same time. Vit C lowers the risk of developing cataracts, and when taken in combination with other essential nutrients, can slow the progression of age-related macular degeneration & visual acuity loss. In general, Vitamin C (once again, a potent antioxidant) protects the body against free radical damage, plus it's essential for healthy bones, teeth, blood vessels, and collagen. This showerhead allows a whole new, control-released, & the most effective way in absorbing Vitamin C.

An ultra high quality stainless steel plate is precision-cut via laser with 300 micro discharge orifices (each orifice is identical at 1/1000mm diameter). How many holes can you count on your showerhead now? This is about 4~5 times more holes than any other average product. And the results of such highly-pressurized yet minization of water molecules? Never-before-experienced vigorating touch by the water like your skin running through silk yet with prominent (yet very comfortable) tactile massage. You really have to experience this nano hydro-massage to fully appreciate it. Blood circulation is enhanced and skin is better moisturized as it absorbs micro water molecules (i.e. hydrated ions that are one-billionth the size of steam) better.

Due to the aforementioned ultra small orifice design, we achieve more effective cleansing result with only 50% of water normally used by other average showerheads. You save money by using less water & energy. If your current water pressure is on the weak end, this showerhead 'supercharges' it like you just got a new whole house water pump. If your water pressure is normal, its supercharged output allows you to enjoy its full benefits. Any dead skin & dandruffs & residues are effectively 'blasted' away. In order to narrow the spread angle to a manageable pattern with minimal collateral splashing, hydro-engineers redesigned the body as well as orifice orientation.

The micro pore discharge port enables an unconventionally high velocity effect called the Lenard Effect, a.k.a. The Spray Electrification, a.k.a. The Waterfall Effect. This vigorous friction between air and jetstream generates approx. 400,000 negative ions (anion) per c.c.! This is 40x more than you'd find near waterfalls. Such vast negative ions de-stress you & you can really 'feel' the difference. Inhale (via lungs & skin pores), and let hydrated negative ions nourish your body & mind. Negative ions also sanitize your bathroom, purify air, activate beta endorphin (i.e. the hormone of happiness), neutralize acid blood (to steer it towards weak alkali spectrum), adjust autonomic nerve functions, reinforce immunity, reinforce lung function, relieve pain, alleviate S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder), etc. Naked negative ion is more than 10-billionth the size of steam, thus enabling your body to absorb them way more readily via skin & hair shaft.

Super durable ABS plastic used. Latest multi-molding fabrication & translucent design match even the most luxurious bathrooms. The body color is subtle yet classy. A protective layer is also baked into the construction. This is no cheap ugly plastic that you normally encounter these days.

An industry's first Internal Cartridge with refill indicator lets you know when to refill the filter with Vitamin C powder! No more guessing or testing water to see if the dechlorination effect is exhausted or not. Vitamin C powder is now housed in the head portion for extreme convenience. Also, it allows you to refill with any food grade Vitamin C powder! You can get a 16g jar for as low as $10 which should last you up to a year easily. No need to be dependant on pricey proprietary cartridges & fill up our landscape with plastics. Regularly replenished fresh Vitamin C also means higher potency as Vitamin C can easily be degraded via room temperature and above.

Ultra small orifices can be clogged easily if your municipal tap water contains particulate impurities. To counter this, the engineers incorporated a dual stainless plate design that resists clogging via the use of a pre-filter. Cleaning this pre-filter to restore full water flow is straightforward. This ensures pleasant & safe showering day after day.


Dimensions in mm: 90W x 260H x 90D
Weight: 443 g
Vit C Capacity: 100 g
De-chlorine Capacity: 25,000 litre of water
Internal Cartridge Capacity: 25 g

How to refill:

Unscrew the cap & take out the cartridge. Open the lid of the cartridge & pour water into its white region. Fill the cartridge with Vit C powder & close its lid. Attach the cartridge back into the shower body & close the cap.

* Comes with 3x adapters to suit most plumbing.

SAFETY DISCLAIMER: While the ultrafine water jets feel good on your skin & head, they can be dangerous for delicate areas like eyes, nostrils, ear canals, etc. So use w/ caution & common sense. This is not a toy thus keep away from children.

2012 Model Line-Up: Now with even more models to choose from.



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