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Negative Ions & Mineral Stones

If you're familiar with the benefits of negative ions, you will be delighted to know about how this non-electrical Vitamin C Showerhead generates negative ions - via high velocity effect called the Lenard Effect, a.k.a. The Spray Electrification, a.k.a. The Waterfall Effect. This vigorous friction between air and jetstream generates approx. 400,000 negative ions (anion) per c.c.! This is 40x more than you'd find near waterfalls.

Negative ions can be generated artifically by electricity, but nothing beats the natural ion generation like near a waterfall, forest, or specific natural minerals (e.g. in Japanese hot springs). The natural methods are always preferred.

The Germanium & Tourmaline pellets shown in the right picture are some minerals that you may use to refill your Vit C Showerhead with in place of Vitamin C. These minerals have been known by the Chinese & Japanese to emit negative ions & far-infrared rays naturally - just look at the reading on the ionometer which doesn't lie! These are all-natural minerals that are believed to possess therapeutic effects that include but not limited to: vitalize cells inside our bodies, promote blood circulation, reduce stress, increase concentration, alleviate muscle fatigue, neutralize detrimental EMI (electromagnetic interference), etc. Perfect for high-intensity / high-impact sports.

These minerals are typically sintered at high temperature over long period of time, then pulvarized into fine powder, and finally formed into pellets of around 10mm in diameter. Without any other simulant, they continue to emit negative ions at an average rate of 2,500 units/cm3. Compare that to a natural big waterfall's generating power of 10,000 units/cm3, which can only happen if you are very close to it.

From left to right: Start out in a city in Japan with limited greens. As the tester ascends towards a forest, the reading starts to rise too. Near the forest, reading sway between 12~18 units/cm3.

Tester can now see the waterfall in the far distance. Tester looks into the waterfall direct & reading tops at 21 units/cm3. When the ionometer is placed near the minerals (in the form of a red necklace), reading shows 1,104 units/cm3.

Known benefits:

  • Low level electrical current that occurs naturally to enhance cellular vitality.
  • Increase concentration.
  • Elevate seratonin level (the natural antidepressant).
  • Strengthen immune system.
  • Deactivate microbes.
  • Suppress EMI.
  • Low level current + negative ions + far-infrared for many 'hot spring like' therapeutic effects.
  • Restore ionic imbalance in less-than-healthy wearer.

For more info on negative ions, please see the following 2 pages:


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